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October 28, 2016

Caroline & Iain: London

You guys, I got to go to London.

I can still hardly believe it! My business wasn’t even a year old when I put Caroline and Iain’s wedding in the calendar, which meant I had barely even had time to DREAM of shooting a wedding in London!

It all began earlier the same year when I bought myself a ticket to The Gospel Coalition conference in Orlando. There were THOUSANDS of people there, and I was all on my own, ready to learn and draw nearer to Christ. During one of the main sessions, I chose one of two empty seats in a row. A few minutes later, I heard a quaint, British voice ask me, “is this seat taken?”

Caroline and I hit it off right away and were inseparable for the rest of the conference! She was dating Iain at the time and I had just started my business. The conference ended and we parted as dear friends with little expectation of seeing each other again- a short but sweet experience.

So when Caroline Facebook-messaged me several months later to announce her engagement and ask me to come shoot her wedding, I was ECSTATIC! Needless-to-say I was counting down the months, weeks, and days until their wedding.

Hello London!

I will save you the endless gushing about how awesome London was, but I couldn’t possibly neglect to point out that it is ALWAYS about the people! Who you are with makes all the difference in the world, which is why my week in London was an absolute joy. Caroline and Iain were the best clients in the world and quickly became the dearest of friends. Their family, friends, wedding party, and guests were equally delightful! I found myself steadily overwhelmed by the coolness of everyone I met! (The accents definitely helped 😉 )

The wedding itself was magical, full of uncontainable joy and the Lord’s beautiful presence. From the bridal prep at St. George’s Hotel, to the crazy dance party at the Ecology Pavilion, the energy was undeniably contagious! When the time came to leave, I was one thrilled photographer. I remember returning to the flat and collapsing on my bed in one giant heap of exhausted happiness.

It can’t be denied that I left part of my heart in England when I boarded the plane to depart. I eagerly await the day of my return, and until then, cheers! 🙂

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Bridal Prep Venue: Saint Georges Hotel 

Church: All Souls

Reception: The Ecology Pavilion

Portrait Location: Regents Park

Florist: JamJar Flowers

Make-up Artist: Inga Pivena

Hair: Dry By Hair Salon

Caterer: The Ecology Pavilion

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