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November 1, 2016

John & Sarah: Pennsylvania

These two. Talk about a photogenic, charismatic, spirit-filled duo! John and Sarah were friends from my days at Southeastern University, and when all the pieces fell into place for me to shoot their wedding in Pennsylvania, I could barely contain my excitement! I knew it would be a great time, not just because I LOVE traveling, but because the couple was so lovely and I knew their friends and family would be equally amazing. =)

Pennsylvania was picture-perfect, with gentle light and a cool breeze for the big day.  Loved ones  had gathered from all over to celebrate, and the joy and anticipation could be felt in every corner of that mountain lodge! John and Sarah had planned out every moment of their day with careful attention and tenderness. Key moments included a blindfolded prayer, a daddy/daughter first look, and a surprise song performed by Sarah at the reception. Tears were falling all over the place!

Another aspect that made the day special, was the number of bridal party members looking forward to their own weddings! In fact, one of the groomsmen was counting down the hours until his wedding NEXT WEEKEND. Overall, I was just tickled pink to witness so much happiness! No one could help but grin from ear to ear all day long.

The wedding was perfect, the couple, so in love.

*Happy sigh. =)

john-sarah-1 john-sarah-2 john-sarah-3

john-sarah-4 john-sarah-5 john-sarah-6 john-sarah-7

Venue:  The Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake Resort

Second Shooter: Dustin Lippy

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