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December 29, 2016

Kirsty & Nick: Treasure Island Engagement Session

Sometimes I sigh and wish for snow.

Living in Florida has its ups and downs, and the lack of a snowy Christmas season is definitely¬†one of the latter. I have often griped, complained, whined, lamented, (you name it) over the lack of a real winter! This Mongolian girl does not do¬†heat and humidity. However, despite my poor attitude about December in Florida, there is a beauty here I cannot deny. And when I drove over to Treasure Island for a certain engagement session, all my complaints were forgotten…

It is hard to imagine a more beautiful couple than Kirsty and Nick. I first met Kirsty when the initial plans for her wedding were being set, and it took me all of ten seconds to decide that I adored her! And when I met Nick on the afternoon of their engagement session, I knew I had been blessed with yet another incredible couple. The sun was soft and the breeze was cool, and as soon as I stepped onto the sand I found myself full of thankfulness for the friendly weather. For two hours we enjoyed the quiet beach. We laughed, shared stories, played games and strolled in the sand. By the end of the evening I had been won over by the beach-loving pair, the magic of Treasure Island and the sweetness of Florida winters.

Winter? Snow? Pssh! Give me golden sands and crimson skies, violet waves and salty breezes.


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