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January 5, 2017

Sam & Emily: Minnesota Wedding

I love small towns.

There is something so peaceful about driving through miles of farm land, only to arrive upon a town tucked away from the world. I often long for quiet, country scenes, and so my soul was ready for Sam and Emily’s wedding in Pierz, Minnesota. They had booked me months before, and as a friend of Sam’s family, it was high on my list of most anticipated trips!

I arrived to a farm bustling with friends, family, goats, horses, and cats. The pre-wedding festivities soon commenced. There was outdoor grilling, a picnic-style rehearsal dinner, and peaceful conversations around the dining room table at 10:00 pm. I remember drifting to sleep to the smell of fresh air from the open window and the soothing rhythm of crickets humming.

The morning of the big day arrived, and since I had the privilege of staying at Emily’s farmhouse, I was able to wake up and get straight to work! The bridesmaids soon arrived, along with the beauty team, and plenty of giggles. Before you knew it we were off and headed for the altar. The wedding went by in a whirlwind just like any other, and yet there was a peace all throughout that was utterly refreshing. When the sun finally set on Pierz, I had given my hugs, packed up my gear, and was headed for the airport in Minneapolis.

It had been another beautiful chance to witness the love between two people and their entire community. I’m not sure life gets better than that. ❤️

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