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February 22, 2017

I’ve Been Catapulted

Hello friends =)

Once upon a time (aka 2013), Catapult Lakeland opened its doors.

This growing city in Florida had recognized a need to support their local entrepreneurs, giving them the tools necessary to launch into the next level of business and success. Catapult was the answer to just such a need. By providing co-working space at an affordable price, along with perks like office supplies, wifi, mailing addresses, conference rooms, unlimited coffee (hello!) and much more, Catapult quickly became THE spot to work! With more and more members joining, Catapult is lined up to expand their space and bring in more entrepreneurs than ever before.

I was still in college when Catapult opened. At that time I was doing graphic design work for some of the initial members, allowing me to experience Catapult without actually becoming a member. It wasn’t until after I graduated and launched Naomi Lynn Photography that I started to dream of becoming official. Fast forward to 2016. I had been working from home for a while, realizing more and more how BAD it was for me to be alone all day! My motivation was lagging, and keeping up good business habits was a continual struggle. I was constantly haunted by work which was literally steps away from where I slept. Something had to be done. I jumped the gun and got an office space on the South side of town. I had found a room in a quiet building for a reasonable price and figured it was better than nothing! However, my main problem was not fixed. I was now paying for an office, internet, and utilities but still was all by myself all day long! I felt more stuck than ever.


It was around that time that I submitted my application to Catapult. Why had I not done this before? Pessimism! I knew how popular Catapult was and how their space was limited, and I just assumed it would be too good to be true to actually get in. However, I submitted the application one afternoon and then forgot all about it.

Three months later, I got the email. Catapult had sent out a newsletter mentioning an open desk, and I jumped all over it! The membership director, Anna Marie (you can find her under the words “fun” AND “cool” in any dictionary), knew how desperately I wanted a desk, and she had been keeping me in mind after a brief chat about it a month before. She assured me that I was on the list and that she would let me know if I got in as soon as she could! That was a long week, during which I prayed and hoped and waited and nagged (sorry Anna 😉 ). I honestly had not expected to get the desk when Anna called me.

Anna: “Hey girl! Sooooo do you still want that deeeeeesk?”

Eeeep! I did one of those half happy dances, half spiking an imaginary football! Within a few days I had signed the paper work, moved out of my old office, and set up Naomi Lynn Photography at Catapult. I now have a space AND an amazing community! For less than HALF of what I was paying before. Wow! Huge change, huge answer to prayer. Words cannot describe my thankfulness.

A New Season

As you may have guessed, I am writing this post today from Catapult. All around me there are people busily working away, laughing, drinking coffee, and inspiring each other to keep up the good fight and get back into the business ring. I no longer have to work alone, or go to sleep with work hovering over me. I can only begin to imagine the good things this will bring about for Naomi Lynn Photography! Becoming a member at Catapult is yet another sign of God’s continual blessing and leading. It is victories like these that make the entrepreneurial adventure SO worth it. =)

Enjoy a peek into the heart of Catapult!


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