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May 11, 2017

Ed and Karissa in Houston, Texas!

Last Friday I packed my bags and boarded a plane for Houston, Texas!

I first met Ed a year ago while photographing Emily and Sam’s wedding in Minnesota. It wasn’t long after that Ed got engaged to the love of his life, Karissa! I remember FREAKING OUT when they contacted me to shoot their wedding! I knew right away that this would be an AMAZING couple to work with. 🙌

The big day finally came and I was immediately struck by how fun and kind all of the family members and loved ones were! In fact, the entire weekend was marked with a deep intimacy and joy. Ed and Karissa’s ceremony was held in the chapel of a local church, and their Aunt’s Bed and Breakfast hosted their reception. The wedding itself was full of BRIGHT colors and beautiful, smiling faces. Both Karissa and Ed come from LARGE families, which made it hard to turn around without a sibling being present! Sam (the best man) and Emily had also flown in to celebrate, which meant SO much laughter and reminiscing! Andrew and Melanie, who will be getting married in July, were also there! So stay tuned for THEIR wedding pictures! 😉

After an intimate reception and formal send-off, Ed and Karissa returned a bit later to open gifts and visit with just their closest family and friends. I will forever be inspired by their close bond and deep love for family!

And so wraps up my first destination wedding of the year. I could not have imagined a better couple to kick off my season of traveling! Ed and Karissa were contagious in their joy and nothing less than sweet and loving in every moment of their wedding day. And as a bride-to-be myself, I can’t help but take note. 😊

Leslie Lucadou

Thomas George (Bride’s Grandfather)

The Bride!

Pastor Steven Morris

Champion Forest Baptist Church

Maple Creek Bed and Breakfast

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