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August 2, 2017

The Kindest Words

I am a horrible compliment taker.

There is just something awkward about getting praised by someone else! At least I personally have never been able to take it very well. 🙄 You’ll see me fidget in my chair, blush a bright shade of red and mumble, “aw thanks so much!”. 😂 Let’s just say, it has driven my fiancé CRAZY in the past. How are you suppose to make someone feel loved if she can’t take a compliment? This is something I’ve been working on for a long time, and I’d like to think I’m getting better!

All of that to say, today’s blog post is something I NEVER thought I would share. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten several amazing reviews, compliments, and letters of thanks for shooting weddings, and each one makes me blush, smile, and well-up a tiny bit. Today I’m making a few of my favorite reviews known to the world!

But why? It may seem a little self-centered to post a bunch of good things people have said about me, but after a season of a LOT of ups and downs, I truly believe that I NEED to post this. See, every once in a while, I need to remind myself of WHY I do what I do. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, basing my self-worth on FUTURE prospects and whether or not my popularity, influence, or bank account grows. The Lord has been convicting my heart double-time over these things lately! He has been teaching me that at the end of the day, I am NOTHING without love. When I look back and read these kind words, it all becomes clear again that the reason why I am a wedding photographer is to LOVE, SERVE, and BLESS. When I get a Bride saying that I’ve done just that for her, I know that I’ve done my job and my purpose comes back into perspective.

My hope is to encourage both myself and YOU today! Why do you do what you do? Let LOVE be your central purpose. After all, things, money, even popularity are all temporary! People are eternal. Today’s blog is a reminder for all of us to invest in what LASTS by the grace of God.

Without further ado, here are some of the kindest and sweetest things said on my behalf. 😊


“I did not know Naomi prior to her shooting my wedding. I came across her in my mad dash to find the perfect photographer. I looked through her portfolio and knew I had to have her. I was not disappointed! The very first thing that I was impressed with, besides her photos of course, was her flexibility to work with my then fiance and I on our budget. We were, like most, on a tight budget and we knew exactly how much we could spend. On top of that though I also knew that there were a couple more things that I would like that did not fall into the price range for that budget. Naomi was so helpful and understanding. She pulled some strings and voila! She did all of the standard wedding shots that everyone wants. But she also did all of the shots that I asked her to do. I had seen some creative, and beautiful photos, on non other than Pinterest. 🙂 I asked if there was anyway that we could do them and she was so positive and responsive to my request. We got a sneak peak of our photos maybe 2 weeks after our wedding. And received the entirety of our album after about a month or so. And to top it off, she sent us a beautiful framed photo just about a week ago. They were edited to perfection. She has truly been blessed with a beautiful talent. I love every single one of the photos that her and her assistant took. She spent plenty of time with both bridal and groomsmen before, for all those getting ready shots. And was very patient with all of us throughout the day. I could not have asked for a better photographer. She was wonderful. Thank you Naomi”


“What can I say but my experience with Naomi was AMAZING!!! Naomi was so great towards my husband and I!  She made us feel very at ease and comfortable, as our nerves were pretty high for our first look! (By the way, highly suggest a first look if you can. Really eased some of the pressure, especially for my husband!) Naomi treats all she meets with such love, enthusiasm and kindness! You’re always in good hands with this girl! Highly recommend booking her for your wedding day if you’re looking for someone to capture all the little moments as well as not missing the big and important ones! She’s WONDERDUL!!!”


“Being from Australia, I was a bit worried when trying to choose a wedding photographer as I didn’t have the connections here in America like I did at home. It wasn’t until I met Naomi when all of my worries flew out the window. She was so kind and down to earth – it was as if we were friends before we even met. When it was time to shoot the engagement pictures, Naomi showed off her magic, and I knew she was the perfect fit to shoot my wedding after the first click of the button. When the big day came along, Naomi was like a ninja! She was everywhere, but barely seen. She somehow managed to get every shot, but still remained in the background. After, when Nick and I went through the photos, we both were thinking the same thing, “I don’t remember seeing Naomi take that.” She gives you the best of both worlds – Enabling you to be in the moment without worrying about having cameras in your face, but also having each moment captured which she ends up turning into memories of a lifetime. When it was time to take the wedding party/family pictures, Naomi remained so calm despite how crazy my family and friends are. She was able to control every situation with clear instructions, and in a blink of an eye, all the photos were done and we could move on to the reception. Throughout the duration of Naomi taking pictures, not once did I ever feel awkward or embarrassed. She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera that for a split second you think you’re a professional or something….lol

Within a week, Naomi posted a blog outlining the wedding day, including a bunch of wedding photos that described the day so perfectly. I couldn’t have been happier. A few more weeks after that, I was sent ALL the pictures! Talk about a fast turnaround. One of my friends is still waiting for her wedding photos, and it’s been over a year… she should’ve hired Naomi 😉

I still get comments from random people telling me how good my photographer was. And there’s a list of people who have asked for her contact information. Word does get around fast. I am so fortunate I found Naomi! I couldn’t of asked for a better photographer, and it’s not everyday you get a friend out of it too :)”


“Naomi is phenomenal and a literal dream to work with! From the day I got engaged I knew I wanted Naomi to capture the moments of my wedding. Naomi is easy to work with, could almost read my mind on what I wanted, and went above and beyond anything I could have asked for. The pictures she captured are more than pictures, they are captured moments to be cherished for the rest of my life. Naomi made my day stress free! She has a calm personality, which is helpful on a hectic wedding day. Naomi puts every person who is in front of the camera at ease. The wedding party even commented on the day how awesome Naomi was. Fast, efficient, and extremely positive! I truly cannot express enough how much I love the pictures from wedding – all pure perfection!”

Tyler and Debra

(Tyler) “Naomi is an outstanding photographer. The quality and personality of her images are without equal. Portrait photography isn’t easy. Often times the images are either too obviously touched up or else so raw your baby cousin could have taken it with a disposable Barbie camera. Nice cameras and a even just an eye for the elegant and beautiful aren’t enough to make a good portrait and event photographer. You need someone who understands, enjoys and relates well to people. Someone who knows when the good shots will happen, where to position themselves to snag those shots and then how to process those images to enhance what is already there. Naomi is all of these things and more. Somehow she can capture all the perfect moments without also ruining or detracting from the moment itself. She’s pure gold, your search is over.”

(Debra) “Naomi did our wedding and engagement photos. She is so fun and the pictures come out just stunning! She’s super flexible too, we got rained out of our engagement shoot, so she just rescheduled with us for another time. She knows what she is doing, my wedding day schedule was a bit of a crunch, but Naomi got all the photos we wanted and then some! It was great to know that my wedding day “memories” were in good hands. Also, you know those dreaded family photos where young cousin Jimmy runs off, Great Aunt Martha never shows up, and everyone else is fooling around and no one knows what’s going on? NOT with Naomi! She had a list and we stuck to it. My brothers are horrible with pictures and it was SUPER hot that day, but the pictures were over and done with before anyone could complain and they turned out great too! Lastly, I wasn’t to keen on my venue, but Naomi made it look MAGICAL! I was amazed! The pictures are fantastic, Naomi is the BEST, best money spent at our wedding! With Naomi you are going to get great photos, feel relaxed knowing she will meet all of your expectations, and will have fun because she is so charming! I’d choose her again and recommend her in a heart beat.”

Special Bonus! Caroline

This one is super special to me! I traveled to London to shoot a wedding last year, and the thank you note Caroline gave me at the end of my trip moved me SO deeply!

“Dear Naomi,
Thank you so so so so much for coming over and being our photographer for our special day. But thank you mostly for your friendship and love. It was such a privilege to have you here in London! Your presence in the lead up days was salt and light to us. We really hope you had an enjoyable time and hoping you get to return for a more relaxed stay. You are such a talent! Your relaxed manner and godliness just shone through this entire time and during the wedding day itself! Thank you Naomi =)”


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