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August 9, 2017

My Top 50 Portraits

I’m a people person.

Somewhere down the line I got classified as an ESFJ, which means I’m BIG on people and a MAJOR extrovert! So naturally, it’s hard for me to take a picture if a FACE isn’t involved.

My love for photography started with people. Actually, my love for ART started with people! I have countless drawings from my childhood of faces with triangle noses and forehead eyes. I eventually learned about hairlines, and continued to paint and sketch every face my imagination could conjure up! It wasn’t too surprising that when my parents handed me a camera as a high school graduation gift, I went CRAZY. No one was safe with me around. Most of my friends ended up getting in my pictures one way or another, and nothing changed when I moved from Mongolia to the States! I was destined to be a people photographer.

The day I discovered that being a wedding photographer was actually a thing, I KNEW I had to try it. When else do you get to capture faces and emotion ALL DAY LONG?! As we all know, I tried it, loved it, and married it. 🙌 I have been living the dream ever since! However, although I found my passion in wedding photography, I have never lost my love for portraits. There is just something about people and their various expressions and postures that fascinate me! And when I’m not documenting weddings, you’d better believe I’ll be finding other people to photograph. 😍

Today’s blog post celebrates my top 50 FAVORITE portraits! They span the past two years of my professional career and aren’t listed in any particular order. Some of them I was paid to take, others were created out of my own artistic drive, but ALL of them stir something deep down inside my soul. Enjoy!

And if you see yourself in this collection of pictures, then thanks for letting me shoot your face. ✌️

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