August 16, 2017

Katie & JC’s Engagement Session

I LOVE engagement sessions.

There is just NOTHING like hanging out with a guy and girl who are hopelessly in love and couldn’t hide it if they tried! They get to breathe in the evening air, snuggle up close, and allow their hearts to be captured on camera. (Side note: if you’re engaged like me, then SAVOR this season of engagement! It goes by oh so quickly). I find myself inspired, motivated, and encouraged by engagement sessions, and Katie and JC’s was no exception.

When Katie first contacted me to shoot her wedding, I KNEW she would be the perfect Naomi Lynn Bride. This girl had spunk, kindness, and a SOLID appreciation for art! She was ready and willing to work with my creativity, and the result was magic. We locked her wedding into the calendar for 2018, and then eagerly scheduled their engagement session for August. Talk about exciting! The evening for their session arrived, and we were ready to GO, starting in Hollis Gardens and then making our way over to 801 E Main. I was immediately smitten with the two love birds, who complimented and flirted with each other in the most ADORABLE ways! The sun continued to dip down as we played games, told stories, and pondered all that God had brought them through to get to this point. It was an beautiful evening for everyone present. 🌄

As we wrapped up, hugged, and parted ways, I couldn’t help but feel GIDDY over the images I had captured, as well as their wedding that I now looked forward to more than ever! JC and Katie are truly a beautiful couple, and I can’t wait to capture their day in 2018. In the mean time, here’s to love and to the beauty of commitment! 🙌

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