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August 23, 2017

The Naomi Lynn Experience

Naomi Lynn Welcome Packet


When I first decided to be a wedding photographer, there was one thing I was determined to do: make my clients feel LOVED. (Side note for all you business owners: the quickest way to LOSE your JOY is to make your business all about YOU!) As I matured into a full-fledged wedding photographer, I soon learned that I wanted to offer a complete EXPERIENCE to my couples. After all, I know that I wouldn’t want a photographer who just showed up on the day, took what needed to be taken, and then left! This was the happiest day of my clients’ lives, and they deserved to have joy from the start of the process to the finish. Slowly but surely, I began putting the pieces into place for my clients to feel as LOVED by me as possible! Today I’ve decided to let you in on the complete Naomi Lynn Experience.  I do this to celebrate all the couples who have walked with me up until this point, as well as a to provide a source of encouragement for other photographers to love their couples to the best of their ability. ♥️


1. There is nothing I love more than working with my couples in preparation for their big day! I learned early on that the photography experience begins well-before the wedding. Getting to MEET and know each other, either in person or via phone, is SO important to developing trust and comfort! Having your picture taken can often feel like a vulnerable experience, which is why I make meeting and getting to know my couples a TOP priority soon after they get in touch with me.

2. Once a Bride has officially booked her wedding with me, I get to send her one of my FAVORITE pieces of the Naomi Lynn Experience! My girls LOVE their Welcome Packets, a 70+ page guide that takes them through every single aspect of their day. This magazine deals with everything from engagement session tips to timeline advice (not to mention my OBSESSION with First Looks!). There is no such thing as too prepared for a day this fabulous.

Naomi Lynn Welcome Guide

3. MOST of my couples book a collection that includes an Engagement Session, which is something I ALWAYS recommend! This gives us the chance to meet in person, share some stories, tell a few jokes, and get comfortable with the camera. I love driving out to a place that is special to the bride and groom, spending an hour or so hanging out and taking pictures, and then delivering the photos a week later so that they can use them for their Save the Dates and (of course) new Facebook Profile Pics! Couples soon discover that I am ALL about genuine moments captured in an artistic way. I love making them laugh and blush and run around like a couple of crazy kids.

4. The last piece of VITAL preparation is the Timeline Assistance. It is SO important to have the day planned out to the last minute (with plenty of buffer time for unexpected delays ). As a previous wedding coordinator, I get to help my Brides put together the wisest timeline possible for their day. I am a FIRM believer in keeping my couples feeling confident! Which brings us to our next section…


1. All of a sudden, THE WEDDING DAY ARRIVES!! The good news is that since I’ve been communicating and interacting with my couples well before now, nothing is new or unexpected! We are already at ease and excited to see each other. And through it all my goal is simple: to make this one aspect of the day EASY for my couples. Photography is a HUGE part of any wedding! And NOBODY wants to be stressing over it while trying to enjoy all of the fruition of their hard work! So when the time comes, I want my couples to let me fly without a care in the world. That’s why I strive to make my couples to feel comfortable, loved, and celebrated from beginning to end.

The Naomi Lynn Experience

2. Throughout the day, my couples soon discover that I have a specific process of capturing the moments. First of all, I arrive wearing all black (because, uh, CLASSY!) and always try to blend into the background as much as possible. (I have already had several folks call me a Photography Ninja! Which is a huge win in my book ) However, I LOVE being BOTH interactive and discreet throughout the wedding day. There will be times when I need to take more control in order to accomplish everything on schedule (uh family photos. Hello!). Then there will be moments when you wont even know I’m there! The skill of learning how to maneuver throughout the wedding day is one I have LOVED learning over the years!

3. And finally, whether we like it or not, we all know that every wedding comes with the occasional hiccup. However, I am a firm believer in embracing these hiccups as a beautiful part of each wedding’s story! Being ready to troubleshoot and provide a calming presence though is also something I LOVE to give my couples. It is all to easy to panic over the little things, and sometimes you just need a steady hand to assure you that everything really IS going BEAUTIFULLY! Troubleshooting is definitely a skill I am eager to bring to the table.

But every wedding day ends eventually!


1. Within a few days of the wedding, I publish an official Wedding Day Blog for my couples. This gives me the perfect opportunity to let the public in on the celebration, as well as give the newly-weds a sneak peek of their memories! And I wont lie, I LOVE writing down the details of these beautiful days, as well as give a voice to the love and respect I have for each couple. ❤️

2. Four weeks later, the newlyweds receive their full gallery of wedding day images, separated into the appropriate categories and accessible online to them for TEN whole YEARS! This gives them the chance to ooh and aah over every picture, place additional orders for prints or canvases, download them for permanent safe-keeping and share with their loved ones to their heart’s content. Delivery days are my FAVORITE! But it doesn’t stop there!

3. Where would the world be without PRESENTS? I love sending my clients a little something sweet after their wedding has come and gone! I would give you more details, but then it would take the surprise clean out of it.

Naomi Lynn Gift Box Naomi Lynn Gift Box

Although this blog post only covers a FEW aspects of the Naomi Lynn Experience, I hope it gives you a better idea of how much I enjoy spoiling my clients! At the end of the day, my primary goal is to LOVE my couples and add abundantly to the JOY of their wedding. I will always continue to improve and develop the Naomi Lynn Experience to be the best it can be. When all is said and done, my greatest hope is that the Lord will be glorified, and that the beauty of a marriage commitment will be treasured as it ought to be. ♥️

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