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August 30, 2017

The Veil

I have always LOVED oil paintings.

The rich colors, the deep shadows, the way the light sparkles and glows in contrast… even to this day you can find me engrossed in a Rembrandt picture book for hours on end! And don’t even ASK me to count the number of books I own on Da Vinci. While I’ll never deny the beauty of a good watercolor, it is the bold works of the Renaissance that take my breath away. These are the ancient images that inspire my own creativity.

Which leads me to The Veil. Figuring out what I wanted to do for August’s creative shoot took a lot longer than expected. I had a couple of concepts in mind, but for one reason or another they never seemed to work out! Inspiration finally hit while I was browsing through one of my favorite artist’s work (Muse and Mirror). The way this photographer captures quiet moments with an ancient feel makes my heart race, and although August was almost over, I knew I HAD to give it a shot.

The Veil is a tribute to the Renaissance style of art. It’s dark, full of grit and texture. The colors pull you into the space and hold you there, inspiring a faint sense of intrigue and mystery. As a wedding photographer, I don’t often get to create work like this! Which is why I made it a goal this year to experiment every month with the art that gets my blood pumping. One day I hope more of my professional work can walk this unique road, but for now, please enjoy this little taste of the Renaissance in The Veil. 

Creative Photography by Naomi Lynn

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