September 20, 2017

Cassandra & Derrick: A Lakeland Engagement Session

It’s hard to put some things into words.

How can I describe how special this engagement session was? I’d have to explain how I met Cassandra several years ago, how she quickly became one of my closest friends, and how I prayed and prayed that God would send her a great guy. I’d have to go all the way back and let you in on the deep conversations, the evenings of prayer, the consistent surrender and beauty that she exuded. You would have had to listen in on the quiet moments I had with the Lord, when I asked that God’s will would be done in Cassandra’s life and how nice it would be if a godly husband could be included in the mix! You would have had to see my reaction when I first found out that she was going on a date with Derrick (😱😬🙌😍🎉) much less when he put a ring on her beautiful finger!!!!! So yea, this engagement session was something very very special. 🙂

Cassandra and Derrick are getting married next February, and I am the lucky lucky girl they chose to photograph their wedding. 😊 And to celebrate, we met up last week at Florida Southern University to stroll around and take some engagement photos. Talk about a couple that is HEAD OVER HEELS for each other! They laughed and flirted and hugged the WHOLE way through. The evening was perfect and I’m convinced we left a tangible trail of joy as we walked around campus! As their wedding date draws closer, I continue to be encouraged by their love for each other and the Lord. I can’t WAIT to capture the day when they officially join hands and hearts!! For now, please enjoy their engagement photos.

It’s going to be hard NOT to smile. 😉



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