Creative Work

September 27, 2017


This is it folks.

This is my last post before I run off and get married! That being the case, I figured you needed something truly beautiful to hold you over until my return. 😉

I have always been a fan of wind. I’m not really a, “oh no! My hair!” type person. Give me a strong breeze and a golden sunset and I am one HAPPY camper! This was the feeling I wanted to capture for September’s creative shoot. Somehow, I wanted to capture movement and warmth, with a bit of my typical moodiness thrown in. I don’t really have a more profound explanation for you than this, so I’m going to let my images speak for themselves. Just try to feel the breeze in the air and the warmth of the sun and you should be on track with my super weird brain. 😘

For the love of art!


P.S. See you in a few weeks. 😱😬🙌😍💒

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