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October 25, 2017

Mongolia: My Wild Homeland

I don’t have a lot of Mongolia pictures.

Believe it or not, I didn’t really become a full-fledged photographer until I came to America! I got my first camera after graduating high school, which means that just a few months later I boarded a plane and forever left the land of my youth.

You may be thinking, “What?! Um, where did MONGOLIA come from?” No worries, friend. For all those who are just a little confused, you should know that I was a missionary kid in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from ages 1 to 18. Does this explain a lot of things? Definitely. My love of meat, an obsession with books, awkwardness with pop-culture, and a nonchalant attitude towards outhouses will ALL start to make sense after learning this vital tidbit.

So where do I start? I could fill a book or two (or three or four) with all of my Mongolia stories!! I don’t talk about the details a lot, because I can’t help but think that people get bored after a while. Today, however, I am pulling back the curtain ever so slightly.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I got back from my wedding in Boston (still on cloud nine FYI!). Typically around this time I would be posting a creative photo shoot for you guys to enjoy, but this month has obviously been a little jam-packed! I was sitting in front of my computer yesterday thinking, “Um. I got nothing.” But instead of freaking out, I decided to dig through some old files tucked away in a dusty hard drive. Before you knew it, I was looking at some of the very few images I had taken of my childhood home PERFECT! I had found this month’s creative content.

But what do I say? It seems unfair to fit a childhood into a blog post! So I’m not going to try. If anything, this blog can serve as an intro, a few images here and there to savor. It’s not much, but here it is! I plan on returning to this wild land soon, which means I wont try and do it justice right away. So, at the end of the day, this blog post is one of brief nostalgia, the first of it’s kind.

I will be sure to share more of my Mongolia adventures in the future, but for now, enjoy some pictures of cows, camels, and mountains. 😉

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