December 13, 2017

Lydia & Matt’s Wedding | Heritage Baptist Church

The Story

Matt and Lydia’s journey began as a summer crush. They were introduced at the camp where they both worked, and although they were the awkward ages of 15 and 16, they left an impression on each other that was destined to last! The summers passed as they continued to see each other at camp, all the while Lydia was convinced that she would NEVER date Matt! The Lord had different plans though, and started by leading them to attend the same college. Along with living on campus came plenty of time to hang out and get to know each other, which allowed their friendship to grow. Soon enough their mutual friends were sniffing a romance, even though nothing had actually been said between the two. The turning point came when Lydia began to like someone else on campus and Matt decided it was time to take action! He told her that he had never gotten over that first crush from the summer they met. Despite the bold move, Lydia was not convinced! She believed that space was what they needed in order to avoid any hurt, to which Matt responded with more persistence than ever, knowing deep down that he was DEFINITELY in LOVE with this girl! His determination paid off not too long after and Lydia agreed to start dating. Two lovely years later, Matt popped the question and put a ring on her finger!!! 🙌

First Meetings

I had the pleasure of seeing Matt and Lydia together while shooting Matt’s brother’s wedding earlier this year. I could tell right away that these two were not only love-birds, but BEST friends! It wasn’t long after that when Lydia got in touch with me to book her wedding date. Huzzah!

In the days leading up to their wedding, I saw Lydia more and more often. From coffee dates to spontaneous photo shoots, Lydia always managed to get me laughing! For example, one evening she comes over for our weekly prayer group for Christian ladies around Lakeland, and begins to tell us all about the stresses of wedding planning. Apparently one of the groomsmen forgot to order his suit before it was discontinued by the company! This was ok though, she said, since he was in the military and could simply wear his uniform. BUT, then she found out that another groomsman, a dear friend to all of us, had ALSO forgotten to order his suit! She then looked at us all with a straight face and stated firmly, “He will just have to join the military.”

Man, I could hardly breathe I laughed so hard! Thankfully, everything worked out in the end, and no one had to be forced into service. 😂😂😂

The Wedding Day

When the wedding day finally arrived, we were SO ready to see Matt and Lydia tie the knot! Florida was overcast and chilly on December 9th, and since they were having a Christmas themed celebration, we could not be more excited to bundle up! I arrived with MY Matt (he is officially my hot assistant 😉) and we immediately got started with all of the gorgeous details Lydia had prepared. From suede heels to golden pine cones and matching robes for her bridesmaids, Lydia had truly planned every detail to perfection! The early hours were full of laughter and nervous excitement as the girls got ready and Matt and Lydia’s First Look approached.

When it came time for the two to see each other, it was hard NOT to be overwhelmed by emotion! They just couldn’t WAIT to be in each other’s arms, and as soon as they saw each other, they collapsed into giggles and hugs. We then meandered around the property, jumping over puddles and bracing ourselves against the rare luxury of a chilly wind. Time just kept moving right along though and soon it was time to walk down that aisle! The ceremony was beautiful and God-glorifying (the best kind!). And when Matt was told he could kiss his bride, he pulled her veil clean off in the excitement! MARRIED AT LAST!

The party afterwards was a 100% BLAST. Dancing, the shoe game, great food and sweet speeches all made for the perfect reception! When the time for their send-off came, Matt and Lydia ran through the crowd of friends and family and headed off to their honeymoon (for which Lydia still had not packed haha). What a day! What amazing friends, what a night to remember. We headed home, opened our windows, and curled up with some cozy blankets. Another beautiful wedding, another couple committed to each other forever and always! You better believe I fell asleep with a smile on my face. 😌

And now, here are the images from their day! Enjoy, friends. 😊

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