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December 27, 2017

Dinner with the Vacaros in December 2017

So long, 2017!

It has been an INCREDIBLE year you guys, full of adventure, creativity and growth! I honestly had no idea what this year would bring, but now I can see that everything has fallen into place even more BEAUTIFULLY than I could have ever dreamed. 😍 From getting married to expanding my business, 2017 has truly KNOCKED my SOCKS off! 💪

Which brings us to today, my last blog post of 2017. CRAZY right?!?! It also happens to be one of my FAVORITE themes of the month… DINNER WITH THE VACAROS! Every month my husband and I try to bless a few of our friends by hosting a five course dinner for them.🍴This idea was born out of my husbands love for cooking, and our shared passion for hospitality! We truly believe that CULTURE starts in the home, and the best way to spread a lifestyle of faith, beauty, and love is to INVITE PEOPLE IN! Although we host plenty of other events apart from DWTV, we decided that blogging this fancy and intimate time would be a fun way to welcome all of YOU into our home as well! 😄 We hope that you will be encouraged and inspired each and every month. ❤️

For our December edition of DWTV, we hosted four of our dearest friends, Andrew, Katie, Sam, and Meg (Sam and Meg even drove down all the way from Jacksonville! 😱). I had the pleasure of photographing both couples’ weddings earlier this year, which made them all experts at having their pictures taken by me! 😂 Each couple arrived decked out in fancy garb and holding their favorite bottle of wine. Soon enough we were ready to sit down and start serving these courses! As the evening went by, it became pretty obvious that the star of the show was our new kitten, Puppy (YES that IS her real name 😉). Talk about a HAM! She enjoyed cuddles all night long, and when the main course was served, we could hardly keep her off the table! Apparently she has a thing for delicious duck. 😂

What an INCREDIBLE evening!! 🙌 Every course was absolutely STUNNING (You rock, babe!), and no one wanted the good times to end! We finally wrapped the party up around 11:00 PM, ending with a group picture and hugs all around. ❤️

So without further ado, welcome to our December edition of Dinner with the Vacaros! If you would like any of the recipes, feel free to email me directly at 😌 Love you all!

First Course: Homemade French Baguette with a Baked Goat Cheese Dip

Second Course: Caprese Salad with Reduced Balsamic Vinegar

Third Course: Minestrone Soup Garnished with Fresh Parmesan

Fourth Course: Roasted Duck with Green Curry Sauce, Steamed Zucchini, and Sautéed Onions

Fifth Course: Poached Pears with Butter Crumbs and Homemade Cream

(Puppy fell asleep in my arms so Matt grabbed the camera and took some shots!)

Drink of the Evening: Spiced Eggnog with Fresh Nutmeg and Cinnamon

Look at all of these beautiful faces!

For anyone who is curious, here is our November 2017 edition of Dinner with the Vacaros!

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