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February 21, 2018

Adventures in Oregon

Traveling will always make my heart leap.

Maybe it has something to do with basically growing up on airplanes, or making SO many memories sleeping on airport floors, but every time I walk into a terminal I can’t help but feel a little bit at home! 😂Traveling around is definitely one of the greatest luxuries of living in this day and age, and every time I get to leave my state (or even city!) I am humbled by God’s goodness. 🙏 As we continue to get older and more pressed for time, planning trips and distant adventures has become more of an intentional discipline for Matt and I. And yet, the beginning of 2018 threw us one sweet and spontaneous opportunity! 😍

Matt and I both grew up in hill country, complete with seasons, nearby mountains, and the ability to wear layers several months out of the year! 😭 So from the time we first started dating, the dream of moving out of flat and winterless Florida was something we talked about often. As time went by though, it became more and more clear that at least for the time being, the Lord wanted us to remain content in Lakeland, pouring out our lives and fully investing in the people around us. ♥ However, we still cherish every possible opportunity to get back to the mountains! So when we heard that my older sister and her husband were taking a trip to see family in Oregon, it was a no-brainer that we tag along! ✈

There is just nothing like waking up in the morning to the smell of evergreens, or peeking out the window to see mist covered mountains. 🌲 From day one of our time in Oregon we were mesmerized by the deep colors, rolling hills, and peaceful atmosphere. The beginning of our trip consisted of exploring the little town of Myrtle Creek (Soco coffee shop rocks!) and adventuring through Winston’s Wild Life Safari (talk about some photogenic animals!). After that we drove west and stayed a night on the coast, skipping along misty beaches and wandering through the pine forests near Coos Bay. Being in the mountains and chilly air again was SO refreshing for all of our spirits! 🙌 We finished up our adventure with lots of sweet family time and one final overnight in Portland. Worth it? Heck yeah!

As Matt and I returned to Lakeland and adjusted back to the heat and sunshine, we reminded ourselves that obedience to the Lord is the greatest adventure of all. ✝ No matter where any of us end up living in this world, there will be seasons of joy and seasons of sorrow. No place will ever satisfy us! But when we follow the call of our God, we can rest on ALL the promises He gives to His children. 👈 He is the one who lights up our path, and for now, that light falls on Lakeland, Florida. Matt and I can’t wait to see all of amazing things God has in store for us here!

(Side Note: I knew a trip like this demanded documenting, so in place of our monthly Dinner with the Vacaros blog, Matt and I decided to share our Oregon adventure with you! I got to hand Matt the camera several times, which means you’ll see more pictures of me that you probably ever have on a blog post haha!)

Love you all!

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