March 28, 2018

Autumn and Kyle’s Wedding

First Meetings

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that my FAVORITE place in all of Lakeland is Hillcrest Coffee! ☕ I’ve adored this homey coffee spot since day one, and if you like hole-in-the-wall treasures, then you are super likely to find me at this one! In fact, my part in this particular wedding story begins at Hillcrest. ☀ I’ll never forget when I first met Autumn, one of Hillcrest’s amazing baristas. She had already been following my work, which made it feel like we had known each other forever right off the bat! 🙌 We shared SO many similarities, and easily fell into friendship. From our first conversation she assured me that I would be the one she called to be her wedding photographer, whenever that day might come. 😍 Little did I know that this girl was just DAYS away from getting engaged! 😱 So it wasn’t too long later that we were gushing over wedding plans and admiring that beautiful ring. 💍 I got to meet Kyle soon afterwards, who exceeded ALL expectations of a gentleman worthy of Autumn’s beautiful heart. ♥


I knew when the wedding day began that it was going to be unlike any other. ⛪ First of all, my new friends were SO sweet, and had very little to NO expectations! 🙌 I felt SO free to simply be creative and capture the magic. The day started when I arrived at Autumn’s house and spent the afternoon with her and her family. 🏠 I could hardly believe it when she pulled out a guitar and began leading a family worship session (This girl can sing you guys)! I found myself praising the Lord alongside Autumn and the lovely family that surrounded her. Such a perfect way to begin a wedding day! 🎶 Preparations continued as the ceremony drew closer and excitement increased. Soon enough I headed over to the Magnolia building to meet up with Kyle. 🏃 I could barely speak two words to him about Autumn without making him cry! 😭 Guests began to trickle in, and before you knew it, Autumn had pulled up in the family’s mustang outside. Time to get married! 💑

Worth the Wait

These two love birds are so beautiful to me. ♥ I knew from the beginning that they were saving their first kiss for the wedding day, and boy was it worth the wait! 👈 Cheers and applause rang throughout the building as Autumn and Kyle sealed their vows with their very first kiss. Then it was off to take pictures! 📸 Family, wedding party, and some beautiful sunset snuggles filled our evening. ✨The reception itself was full of dancing, heartfelt toasts, and delicious food! At 8:40 PM the couple climbed into their Mustang and drove off to their honeymoon as Autumn tossed her bouquet behind her. 💐

I’ve been reminded of the beauty of waiting, friends. WAIT for the right one, WAIT for the intimacy, WAIT for a greater joy. I promise you, IT IS WORTH IT! ♥️

Love you all and enjoy!

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