May 9, 2018

Lysette & Mark’s Wedding in Tampa, Florida! 🎉🕺✨❤️

First Meetings

Lysette and Mark met at a baseball game. It wasn’t a complete surprise though, because just one month before that, Lysette’s parents had gone to a different baseball game where they had met the tall, handsome and oh so single Mark. They put their match-making skills to work and convinced him right off the bat that he just HAD to meet their beautiful daughter! Thankfully, both Mark and Lysette decided to give it a shot. After all, what did they have to lose? The baseball game day arrived, and all was almost lost as Lysette was unexpectedly behind due to work. Her mom wasn’t about to let Mark slip away though! He stuck around long enough for Lysette to walk in, and let’s just say he never regretted that decision! They instantly connected as sparks flew. Mark soon found out that Lysette worked in real estate, which gave him the perfect excuse to get her number. (I mean, he was KIND of looking for a house, right? 😂) Two days later he sends her a text, “It was really great meeting you at the game Friday! Let me know if you ever want to go salsa dancing!” To which Lysette responded, “Do you want me to let you know when I go salsa dancing or do you want to take me on a date and we can go salsa dancing together?” From that moment on, the rest was HISTORY! ♥

5 / 5 / 18

One year after that fateful baseball game, Mark got down on one knee and asked Lysette to be his! 💍 Not too long later, Lysette contacted me during her wedding planning, and I knew right away that she was my IDEAL Naomi Lynn Bride! Our first coffee date at the Oxford Exchange confirmed all my suspicions that this spunky, beautiful girl was a perfect fit for me. The months flew by, and their wedding day arrived at last. Me and my team arrived to a room full of giggling girls and mimosas, where we quickly became immersed in the spirit of joy and anticipation! Hair and makeup were done, dresses were slipped on, parent gifts were given, and before we knew it, it was time to load up the party bus and head to the church!

Mark’s face was pure sunshine when he first saw Lysette walking down the aisle towards him. And then Lysette’s veil took a tumble mid-walk!! Which of course, only made all of us smile and laugh more brightly (imperfection is beautiful you guys 😍). The hour was filled with beautiful hymns, boldly preached truth, and tender glances between the love birds. Then, those once-in-a-lifetime words were spoken to Mark, “YOU MAY KISS YOUR BRIDE!”

Party Time!

After the ceremony, we snapped some group shots and set off for the reception! The rain held off just long enough for us to meander around the courtyards outside, as Mark and Lysette enjoyed their first moments of being a married couple. Then the clock struck 6:00 PM (literally! let’s just say we were standing right below a bell tower and just about jumped out of our skin! 😂). Then it was time to get into the PARTY!

Let’s just say, Lysette’s mom (Barbara) worked some pretty incredible decor MAGIC for their reception! I could hardly believe that the centerpieces were designed by her and not a professional company! (And I hear she basically did ALL the planning in general, from invitations to florals to coordinating. YOU ARE AMAZING GIRL!)

The reception was filled with toasts, laughter, delicious food, and some SERIOUS dancing! The hours passed by in a blur of music and candlelight, until it was time for Mark and Lysette to get on stage with the band and end out the evening. Talk about a SHOW! Then the music died down, guests filtered out to line the exit, and Mark and Lysette swayed together in the empty reception hall for one last dance. (These two kill me. 😭) Then finally, through a sea of floating bubbles, the two departed to begin their new life together.

Giving Thanks

Like ALWAYS, beautiful weddings like this take MAJOR planning and attention to detail! The star of this show was definitely Baraba Portales, who totally ROCKED the entire wedding. Besides her, there was an incredible team of vendors who made the day beautiful! Femme Akio brought out the beauty of each and every girl with her hair and makeup magic, Good Food Company filled our tummies, and C’Nergy brought down the house with their energy and musical talent! Publix provided the delicious cake, Stella York and Adrianna Papell were worn by Lysette and her bridesmaids. Fr. Chuck married the love birds and Higgins Hall hosted the reception. Well done everyone!

As for the photography and video, we had an INCREDIBLE team all day long! Big shout out to my spunky and creative second shooter, Aaron McNeile, my lovely assistant, Katie Anderson, and the videographer extraordinaire Laura Martinez. You guys are the best!

Now, without further ado, please enjoy the visual story of Lysette and Mark’s magical day.

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