July 11, 2018

Travis & Julie’s Wedding in Florida ✨

First Meetings

Julie’s family has been precious to me since I first lived in Lakeland, Florida. I’ll never forget walking into their house for a Bible study, totally awkward and nervous, only to meet some of the coolest people EVER! Julie immediately struck me as witty, quick on her feet, and super easy-going. Those first couple of years were filled with such uplifting fellowship! Now, fast-forward to 2018, and I have had the pleasure of photographing both Julie’s wedding and her sister Stephanie’s wedding. WOW! What an amazing honor! I got to meet Travis for the first time during his and Julie’s engagement session, and I could immediately tell that he was PERFECT for Julie. These sweethearts were oh-so-in-love, and, as I soon discovered, basically unstoppable! Not only were they both pursuing nursing careers, but they planned on moving to Africa soon after getting married in order to aid mission work in Kenya. Oh how I love these two!


Their wedding day arrived on July 8th, 2018, and we were all thanking the Lord for clear, sunny weather. Their venue, Harmony Haven, was a hidden gem of rustic treasures and talented vendors, and I knew it was going to be a great wedding as soon as I stepped inside! The entire room was like a fairytale, sparkling with hundreds of lights and filled with all kinds of thoughtful decor. Julie was as calm and easy-going as ever, and boy did she look BEAUTIFUL! Time went by quickly as guests started to arrive and fill the space. The ceremony was reception style seating, while the wedding party stood in front of the signature mantle in the center of the room. The couple exchanged rings, shared communion, presented their mothers with flowers, and then had their first kiss as husband and wife!

The Party!

The reception began with quesadillas all around. The newlyweds were announced in to cheers as they shared their first dance with each other, and then each in turned danced with their parents. Then it was time to eat! The room was filled with laughter as everyone ate and watched as the couple played the shoe game in the middle of the dance floor. Soon after, a hush came over the guests as friends began to give toasts of encouragement and blessing over the Julie and Travis. 9 toasts later and it was time to dance and cut the cake! We decided to sneak outside for some sunset pictures as the guests inside began to dance, but we couldn’t stay away from the party for long! Then it was time to say goodbyes. The guests lined the pathway with sparklers as they sent the couple off on their brand new adventure. What a day!

Giving Thanks

Like always, this wedding was the result of a LOT of hard work! Shout out to Harmony Haven for providing the beautiful space, Nubia Preble and Laura Noderer for the amazing hair and makeup, Edith’s Floral Shop for the gorgeous florals, and Joe Limper for being one awesome DJ! I also want to thank my photography team, Casie Marie for second shooting, and Katie Anderson for being my faithful assistant. I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

And now, please enjoy Travis and Julie’s wedding day blog!

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