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August 6, 2018

The Bird House 🦉

Hello friends!

For those of you who want to keep up with our simplified, one room living arrangement, then here are the pictures you’ve been waiting for! A few weeks ago Matt and I moved into my parent’s efficiency apartment, and we couldn’t be more in love with it. =) Check out our set up!

Here it is! Our little corner of heaven. ✨ This room has windows on THREE walls! So we are enveloped in LIGHT!

The first thing we did was get a custom loft made for the space. Then we secured our bookshelves to the foot of the bed so that the first thing you see when you arrive is our book collection! 📖

So so so so so cozy!

Of course Puppy LOVES this comfy place! Also, if you can’t tell, we had some space in the bed frame to store extra blankets and pillows! Saving space tip 1. 🙌

Underneath the loft is our entertainment center. A cute love seat with our TV at JUST the right distance! We were also able to squeeze a lamp down there! The ottoman from Target also provides some extra storage. 🕺

It is AMAZING how much this closet by our front door can fit! All of our clothes are neatly hung and folded, as well as other storage containers like my arts and crafts!

Right by the bed is our “nightstand” shelf and dresser. This provides space of random stuff, as well as a spot for a reading lamp to go that’s high enough for us to reach before falling asleep! Also, notice those plant paintings? Those are conveniently hiding some ugly cords. 😉

Anyone who visited us at The Hilltop knows how much we love our beverage bar! Thankfully, we were able to fit it perfectly in the new space!

This may just be my favorite feature in the Bird House. We bought some braces, hooks, and a plank of wood from Lowes, and viola! Pots and pans have a home. 😍 Not to mention my beloved plants!

Some pretty kitchen shots. 😍 check out that cactus!

A place for everything and everything in its place!

This standing cabinet was stained to match the kitchen cupboards and is now our pantry! Literally would not know what to do without this baby!

Here is a little bit of a wider view of the kitchen for ya!

Strategically placed seating makes the space perfect for hosting small parties!

Our big couch fit perfectly in the Bird House, and our coffee table provided some excellent board game storage!

Seating seating seating!

😍 My view ALL the time!

Too many towels? Hello wine rack!

Details 😍

Puppy! 😂

Home sweet home ❤️

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