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August 16, 2018

Candice & Tim’s Wedding in Colorado ☀️

Last week I had the privilege of traveling to Colorado for my friends’ Candice and Tim’s wedding! Wow, what an INCREDIBLE trip! Not only did I get see old friends, climb mountains, and visit Caleb and Jeannie’s brand new coffee shop (Sapor Coffee), I also got to forge new friendships and take part in another beautiful and Christ-centered wedding! I first met Candice a few years ago in Thailand when she was attending Jeannie and Caleb’s wedding, and we hit it off RIGHT away! Fast forward to summer, 2018, and she sends me a casual text message announcing that she is ENGAGED and wants ME to be her wedding photography in a little over a MONTH! Well I didn’t even know she was DATING anyone so knock me over why dontcha! 😂 They were going for a short engagement, which means we worked quickly to put all the details together, and before I knew what was happening, I was flying to Colorado! Seriously, what an HONOR!

Their wedding was a morning one, and took place at a Ellerslie, a Christ-centered discipleship campus in Windsor, Colorado. We all got started bright and early as the sun began to rise and illuminate the mountains on the horizon. The two love birds were surrounded by friends and family as they prepped for the day, and before we knew it, it was time for their first look! Tim and Candice laughed and cried as they finally got to see each other, and after meandering our way around the grounds and taking some fun wedding party shots, it was time to get set for the ceremony! The guests arrived and the ceremony began with a time of heartfelt worship. Then Tim’s Dad blessed the couple, Beau Matzat gave the wedding message, rings and vows were exchanged, and then at LAST they were married! (I’ll never forget the look on Tim’s face as he got to kiss his bride. He was absolutely RADIANT with joy!) Then the reception started after a brief time of visiting and playing lawn games. The hall was filled to the brim with family and friends, and it became clear to me after a beautiful open mic time that these two are SO cherished by their community! Then we decided to have a good laugh as guest-written Madlibs about the couples’ life were read out loud for all to hear. 😂 Add into the mix the shoe game, a delicious dessert table, and hugs all around for one awesome party! Then it was time for the couple to depart. Hands pounded on their balloon-filled car as they drove off to start their new life together!

What a day. The wedding ended and I got to spend another day in Colorado afterwards, which was just what I needed! Boy do I miss that mountain air! Then it was back to Florida, where my husband and pets were eagerly waiting my return. ❤️ I will forever be in awe of the amazing experiences God has given me as a wedding photographer, and more importantly, the incredibly relationships he has allowed me to develop! Thanks Candice and Tim for choosing me to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime day. 😍


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