October 31, 2018

Aliyah & Douglas’ Lakeland Wedding!

The air was crisp and cool as I arrived to document Aliyah and Doug’s wedding day. The sun had yet to rise, but all the girls were prepped and ready for the festivities to begin! 🎉 I remember first meeting Aliyah and just knowing beyond a doubt that she was unbearably COOL. 😂 It has been amazing getting to know her better through the wedding planning process! And on October 27th, she was getting ready to marry the love of her life. ❤️ After a few sweet moments of putting on her dress and lacing up her (STUNNING) shoes, it was time for the First Look! We parked in a nearby field where Doug was waiting patiently, and the two love birds got to lay eyes on each other just as the sun was peeking over the horizon. ☀️ After a few tears, they could NOT stop laughing!! The joy just overflowed from them as they snuggled in each other’s arms and enjoyed the cool air and dewy grass. 🌱 We set off for Heritage Baptist Church next, where a foot washing and communion ceremony was waiting for them. 🙏🏻 Aliyah and Doug took a few private minutes to symbolically show how much they desired to serve Christ and each other through their union. It was so beautiful!! 😭 Then the rest of the wedding party joined us and we took all kinds of fun pictures as the sun climbed higher into the sky. 🙌

The ceremony began inside the main chapel as the family members were escorted to their seats. Tears ran down Doug’s face as Aliyah walked down the aisle on the arm of her grandfather, and then it was time to exchange those oh-so-solemn and lovely vows! ❤️ Rings were exchanged, a small tree was watered as a symbol of their lifelong commitment, and then they KISSED! Married at LAST! 🙌 The party then moved to a nearby farm, where the cool breeze continued to blow, the smell of pine trees filled the air, and each and every detail was waiting to be savored. 😍 Aliyah and Doug made their entrance and fed each other some mini cupcakes in order to kick off the brunch! Then the guests fellowshipped, played lawn games, and congratulated the new husband and wife with plenty of hugs and kisses. Tear-filled toasts were given, a blessing was spoken over the couple, and then Aliyah and Doug has their First Dance. After Doug danced with his mom, Aliyah was escorted to the dance floor by the most important men in her life: her grandfather, and three brothers. Each one took a turn dancing with the beautiful bride, and let’s just say even I was misting over! 😭 Then the dance floor opened and the party got started! 🕺 The friends and family danced and laughed the morning away, and soon enough it was time to give hugs and say goodbyes. A bucket of bird seed was brought out (and then thrown into the air!) as Aliyah and Doug made their way to the getaway car. What a day you guys! What a day. 😊

A HUGE shout out to the team of folks who made this day possible! Tracy Lafler, was an AWESOME coordinator. Bill Boulet was the officiant, James Rayborn (or DJ JayRay!) was the incredible DJ, and Julie Kaelin coordinated the reception beautifully! Well done everyone. 😊

And now, please enjoy Aliyah and Douglas’ wedding day pictures!!

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