November 7, 2018

Cat & Eric’s Shuffleboard Club Wedding!

Cat and Eric got married on November 3rd, 2018 and it was AMAZING! I had gotten to meet them months earlier for their engagement shoot, and after a unique home/brewing hub session, I knew that their wedding was going to be equally original! From the bridal details, to the centerpieces, to the Shuffleboard Club venue, their day was unapologetically THEM. Cat got ready at the Hollander Hotel, where we had SO much fun taking portraits in front of the fireplace! And did I mention the weather was PERFECTION? We took wedding party pictures in the ally out back, while my lovely second shooter, Ashley took pictures of the guys at Cat and Eric’s house. Soon enough it was time to head to the Shuffleboard club which was within walking distance! Everything was set up and ready go, the book quote picture frames, the library cards for seating, the bookshelves of memorabilia by the ceremony, etc. etc. Like I said, Cat and Eric’s personalities were written ALL OVER this celebration!

The guests arrived and enjoyed exploring the unique venue before the ceremony began. Then they took their seats in the bleachers as the wedding party, (including Cat and Eric’s beloved dog, Floyd!)  walked down the shuffleboard court. Cat’s Dad got to see her for the first time right before escorting her outside, and there were tears all over the place! Then it was time for Eric to see his bride. Cat made the long walk with a constant smile on her face, and the crowd whooped and cheered as she stepped onto the court. Laughter filled the short and sweet ceremony as Cat and Eric read their vows to each other, exchanged rings, and shared their first kiss as husband and wife. More cheers!! Then I wisked the love birds away as we were blessed with the most beautiful sunset EVER! Then it was time to PARTY!

Guests were seating inside the clubhouse and then the wedding party made their entrance! Cat’s Dad kicked off dinner with a heartfelt speech, and then one by one each table was dismissed to go enjoy the amazing food by Olympia catering. Then Cat and Eric cut their beautiful cake (yay for Publix!) and afterward took their seats again as their friends toasted them. After the cake was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, it was time to get outside and dance! A few special dances ensued, and then everyone got on the dance floor. What a party! For two straight hours everyone danced their hearts out and had an AMAZING time. When 10:30 rolled around, it was time for me to head out, but the celebration continued with an official after-party! Boy do those guys know how to have a good time!

A big shout out to Kelsey White for doing the bridal party’s makeup, Rose Garden Florist for the amazing florals, Grant Hemond for rocking out the reception, and to Nancy Cotto for absolutely KILLING it as the planner/coordinator! Also, Cat and Eric’s dear friend, Caroline Brown officiated the ceremony (you rock girl!), and the St. Pete Shuffleboard Club is officially the coolest wedding venue ever. Well done everyone!

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