December 7, 2018

Molly & Andrew’s Wedding!

Dreams came true this week folks! 🙌 Not much can compare to being your own sister’s wedding photographer, and on 12/3/18 I got to experience that honor. 😭 But first, we’ve got to rewind! Being a witness to Andrew and Molly’s love story this past year or so has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. I’ll never forget when Andrew first came onto the scene and we didn’t know quite what to make of him! 😂 But with his kind heart and unrelenting desire to SERVE, it didn’t take long for ALL of us to fall in love with him. ❤️ At the end of the day though, JESUS was the undeniable hero of their romance, from bringing them together in what seemed like a season of brokenness, and then REDEEMING their hearts and lives in one fell swoop! 🙌 And as much as I love Molly, seeing Andrew meet and fall in love with Jesus has been better than anything I could have hoped for. 🙏🏻 The same goes for Molly, who has only blossomed into a woman of faith that just blows me away! Together they are a beautiful vision of Christ and his church, and I give thanks for that EVERY SINGLE DAY. ✨

So of course, when Andrew and Molly got engaged, we were over the MOON! 🎉And when they gave me the honor of being their wedding photographer, I basically couldn’t WAIT for the day to arrive! Knowing them, their wedding was going to be incredible. 🕺 So when December 3rd came around, I rolled out of bed with a smile on my face, got dressed, and then walked next door to see how the bride was doing! Molly was bright eyed and GLOWING! 😍 We packed up the cars and took off for Haus 820. The set up crew had already been working since earlier that morning, and by the time we arrived it looked incredible! ✨ (Andrew basically MADE everything there! From the chalkboards to the gorgeous twinkle light dividers) Then it was time for Molly to get ready. The glam crew (Josh and Ciara!) used their amazing talent to bring out Molly’s natural beauty, and when she put on that adorable wedding dress, I almost LOST it. 😭 Then the family got to come in and see her! Tears all around. 💦 Soon enough, it was time for the ceremony to begin!

Loved ones were escorted down the aisle to a moving piano piece, Andrew got in place near the foot of the cross, and then Molly made her entrance. 🙌 WOW. Again, ALMOST lost it completely! Mr. Schrader welcomed the guests, and then gave a short talk about marriage and what it means in a Christian context. Then my Dad shared his own message, explaining Molly and Andrew’s love story and just how Jesus had designed marriage to look like! 🙏🏻 Soon enough, it was time to exchange vows and rings. Molly and Andrew’s eyes sparkled as they promised to remain faithful to each other for the rest of their lives, and then Andrew was given permission to kiss his bride!! HALLELUJAH! 🎉🎉🎉

The next hour went by like a whirlwind as we took family pictures and fun, Bride and Groom portraits. 🥰 Then the reception got started! Molly and Andrew had their first dance to an instrumental version of Beauty and the Beast, and then Andrew blessed the food. Oh the FOOD!! 😱 Andrew’s family had put in hours of work to make the PERFECT buffet! From lamb curry to wild boar meat, I’m pretty sure it was the most impressive dinner spread I’ve ever seen! 😍 A slideshow of pictures played throughout lunch, and then Molly and Andrew cut their wedding cake. 🍰 Molly danced with Dad as the guests munched on dessert, and then the dance floor opened! 🕺 Let’s just say, Andrew and his friends can DANCE! 😱 It was SO fun seeing everyone get out there! Apart from dancing, we took some time for an open mic where person after person affirmed Molly and Andrew in their character and love for each other. 🥰 Then we played the Shoe Game, danced some more, tossed the bouquet (congrats CAMI, who just happens to be my brother’s girlfriend! 😘) and then it was time to say farewell! The newlyweds made their exit through a crowd of bubbles and cow bells, and then they were OFF! 🙌

This day will go down in history as INFINITELY precious. I gained another brother, and got to celebrate the kindness of the Lord with SO many loved ones! ❤️ It doesn’t get any better than that. And now, please enjoy the pictures from Molly and Andrew’s wedding day!!! 🎉


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