Owl city

 and I'll carry you away
  into the velvet sky 
and we'll stir the stars around."

Hi! =) I'm Naomi. I grew up as a missionary-kid in the country of Mongolia. My childhood consisted of running around with kids of all nations, bartering for knock-off brand clothing, and a LOT of reading! I moved to America when I was 18 and have been a Central Florida resident and Trader Joes fanatic ever since. If we were to meet over coffee, you would notice quickly that I LOVE laughing! Also, I am genuinely intrigued by your story, and I cannot contain my outrageous excitement to capture a piece of it. When I’m not documenting weddings, you can find me running the lake with my dog, singing along to a cheap Ukulele, or reading the latest Set Apart Girl magazine. I'm known for being a gentle, calm, and confident wedding photographer and friend. I LOVE my life, but not as much as I love the ONE who gave it to me. For this reason and many others, my heart is full.